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Professional Lighting

Model: 163866102
Main Features: - Three timing available: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, always on.- Small size, easy to carry and store.- Super intensity ultraviolet sterilization, UVC 253.7nm radiation intensity from the bulb, it can kill all bacteria, fungi, viruses and so on.- Ozone sterilization, ozone from bulb sprea..
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Model: 299634903
Descriptions:With the coming of winter, shorter days and longer nights, many people suffer from the seasonal affective disorder, which is a depression linked to the changing of the season and the insufficient light. Therefore, daylight therapy lamp is produced, which can produce the natural light to..
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Model: 276473107
LED wavelength: red (620-630 nm), blue (460-470 nm). The wavelength of the light emitted by this red and blue growth light can be completely absorbed by the plant from seedling to harvest, which is beneficial to vegetables and flowers. Blue light can meet the basic needs of plant root growth, while ..
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